I moved Somerset Photographer to Glastonbury in July 2017 so I would be more central to cover Somerset and also, of course, because I just LOVE it here.  Glastonbury is the perfect place for me, not because as many people assume, for the Festival, but more because I have always been attracted to everything here, the mystery, the quirky people, the crystals, the Tor, the organic supermarket, the book shops and just the general unique vibe of the place.  There’s always something going on here and I adore the energy!   I have made Somerset my Wedding Base but I do travel everywhere in the UK and Europe photographing Weddings, which I LOVE.  When I started my business in 2008 it was always my intention to live my business as a lifestyle and there’s nothing I love more than travelling to a destination, photographing a wedding and staying there a while.

I work with my partner, Chris Griffith.  When 2 Photographers are booked we work alongside each other with me taking the main photos and him taking candids from the side and back.  The above photograph illustrates how we work when taking the family and friends group shots.  If I get a booking just for myself, he still attends the wedding and generally helps out which means we get to enjoy our lifestyle together.  It all works perfectly!  Chris is also a talented pianist so can always fill in a few gaps if the venue has a piano!  The photos below were taken on Wedding Morning just after we arrived at St Audries Park at Quantoxhead, near Minehead.  It’s always an exciting time having a look around first thing in the morning!  This was a 1920s themed Wedding, we don’t always dress this way!  It was great Fun!

Since moving to Glastonbury I have had a large log cabin Studio built in the garden which is absolutely perfect for my family photography work.  All my clients love the Studio, I get lots of questions about it as they imagine themselves getting a gym, a playroom, a cinema room, a man cave in their gardens.  I have lots of props displayed that people can use if they wish or we can just focus on getting natural shots or we can mix it all up a bit.  Everyone is so different and I enjoy letting the photoshoot go its own way or planning it all out if required.  The possibilities are always endless!  I have enough space to fit up to 8-10 adults and a few childen, mostly it is ideal for photographing families, bumps and babies.

I also travel all over Somerset meeting up with people for Location Photoshoots, Family Get-togethers, Parties and other requests.   I just love travelling around this beautiful part of the Country meeting you all to create beautiful images!

If you are looking for Wedding, Studio or Location Photography please do get in touch and we can talk about your requirements.  I very much look forward to hearing from you!