2020 has certainly made its impact on our lives!  I started out believing the 2020 Wedding Season was going to be THE Best year ever!  After a Beautifully Sunny February Wedding at The Swan Hotel, Wells, my business suddenly came to an abrupt halt, like that of so many others!  2020 was going to be the year I introduced luxury packages with fancy extras around the edges.  Instead the whole globe is in lockdown!  It’s been the strangest experience to see Glastonbury so quiet with people sometimes frightened to look up, never mind come anywhere near.  The stark up-side of having literally nothing to do except sit in the sun and go for a walk has made it a time for reflection and re-evaluation.  Never, before, have we had so much time to decide what’s next?

In listening to the multitude of coronavirus opinions on You Tube, there seems to be no end to the versions of truth on what, why, how, so I have had to conclude that there is no absolute truth for now, there are only beliefs.  I have therefore listened to Boris Johnson at length and have devised new ways of moving my business forward starting 13th May 2020.


When and how my cherised Wedding World will begin again will be dictated by Government.  As soon as we’re able to start, I am ready!  In the meantime I have devised BACK TO BASICS Packages, reducing my prices back a couple of years to kick-start my business again and give couples some assurances, making it all simpler.  Just one table of packages with a list of Add-on Extras which are optional!  Because my prices are reduced, there are no discounts available.  The hourly packages still include Two Photographers, a USB of all images taken in the time booked and No Copyright Restrictions.  See Prices!  The 9 Hours or more Package includes some exciting extras, as it always did, making this package not only the BEST VALUE but a Really Great time to be booking your Wedding Photography at a Very Competitive Price!

To reassure couples, these are my guarantees:

1.  If you have already booked your wedding photography package and would like to change to one of my new packages, I am happy to do this for you!

2.  If you have already booked your wedding photography package and would like to keep it, that’s fine!

3.  If you book now for 2020, 2021, 2022 or 2023, a non-refundable £100 deposit is payable with the balance to be paid one week before the wedding.  If you have to postpone your wedding date due to CV19 or any other pandemic, this will be done without losing your deposit, providing I have the new date available.  If you want to change your date, make sure you include me in your discussions before re-arranging.  The price when you book your wedding will remain the same, even if the date changes and your guest numbers increase!

4.  I can easily carry out social distancing when taking photographs!

The packages, together with the assurances I have laid out above make it an excellent time for you to book!  Please get in touch if you have further queries about anything at all regarding your wedding!  I will always do my best to help!


I can now offer Location Photoshoots as normal around Somerset.  Family Groups have to be living together and social distancing has to be carried out between photographer and family.  I can easily do this with my fantastic lenses.  In actual fact I would mostly be 2 metres away from my subjects anyway!  I look forward to photographing you all again really soon!  Please get in touch to book a time!  It will be fun!


My Studio is closed at the moment!   It seems that contact in a small, closed environment is more risky for Covid 19.  When children go back to nursery and school I will review my policy and possibly re-open at that time.  In the meantime please do book in a location photoshoot instead!  Give me a call!  01458 834266

Thankyou all so much for your continued support!  I am now looking forward to moving forward with my photography, please do get in touch!

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