She was Australian, he was English and they were both loads of fun!  The Wedding was at Beautiful Orchardleigh in Somerset with the ceremony being held at the pretty little church on the Orchardleigh Estate.  What I remember about this ceremony is Emma being so overcome with emotion that she had trouble saying her vows.  Everyone waited for her a couple of times but she couldn’t get the words out.  Then a Big Ozzy Accent from the back of the church, shouted, ‘COME ON EM!’.  This of course made everyone laugh and she was able to continue with perfection after that!  I always smile at the memory of that moment!

It rained a bit but the beauty glistened through the dramatic pink umbrella raindrops and the sun shone at all the right times.  The entrances were all grandly announced and the dancing was elegant and raucous!  Emma & Dave were fun all day, it seemed to me they were happeeeeee, laughing, smiling, dancing and the families were all really lovely!

This venue is Grand!  It’s one of those Big venues that’s Meant for Weddings!  I would recommend Orchardleigh to anyone with its huge ornate rooms and long staircase, perfect for framing shots.  And the grounds with magnificent views!  It’s just got Style!  Take a peek at the Gorgeous Colours in the cake and the way the flowers were exquisitely presented.  This Wedding ~ one of my absolute Faves!